About Us

Est 1990 SW Compressors have been providing quality products, dependable service, reasonable prices, reliable rental equipment, and competitive rates.

SW Compressors have been renting high pressure compressors for 30 years. We provide reliable equipment and services. Durable systems sold, serviced, and maintained. PDC Diaphragm boosters.

We have also been renting CN6 compressors for over 25 years. Partial clients include SO, CAL, GAS, CO, Long Beach Gas Co, San Diego Gas/Electric. Prompt services, installations. Long and short term rentals. We have been renting and servicing high and low pressure breathing air systems for 30 years. Cartridges, chemicals, calibration, gases, and EOT. We have also been selling and servicing all types of regenerative dryers, after coolers etc.